“It is necessary to cook and eat like a citizen.”

For chef Alex Atala, more than a philosophy, this sentence translates a way of seeing and developing his cuisine at restaurant D.O.M. Privileging ingredients genuinely Brazilian or paying attention to a certain region, giving preference to ingredients grown by small farmers, riverside communities or regional products, thus promoting local culture, is an individual attitude in favor of a collective that is always present in his menus, events, lectures, and projects. This is a new way of practicing cuisine, a sustainable cuisine in the broadest meaning of word. See some partners in this project.

Imagem Sabor


Chef Alex Atala developed an extensive research on this typical root of the Amazon region, which was used only by the cosmetic industry. His pioneering work in partnership with Givaudan, the global leader in the fragrance and flavour industry, results already in the culinary use of the aromatic root in sweet and savory dishes, as well as in the diffusion of this ingredient produced by small communities of the Amazon region.


Black rice, red rice, and mini rice

They are supplied by the rice producer Chicão Ruzene, who works with special kinds of rice in Vale do Paraíba. Encouraged by his partnership with chef Alex Atala, Ruzene built a laboratory in his farm for the research of new varieties, what resulted in high quality products and gave an incentive to other farmers from that region.

Imagem Sabor
Imagem Sabor

Pupunha palmetto

A product supplied by the company São Cassiano, whose farm is in Jaú, São Paulo. Its sustainable production is in accordance with the Cati (Integral Technical Assistance Coordination of the State of São Paulo) regulation and is certified by Ital (Institute of Food Technology of the Secretary of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo).


Herbs, flowers, and sprouts

At first, DRO Ervas e Flores produced only fine herbs in a small greenhouse in Cerquilho, São Paulo. Gradually, the demand from restaurants like D.O.M. also stimulated the production of edible flowers and sprouts. Nowadays these gems from DRO are sought by eateries throughout Brazil and other countries, such as Bolivia and Argentina.

Imagem Sabor
Imagem Sabor


A food tradition in some indigenous groups in the Amazon region, particularly among the Baniwas, the use of ants as an ingredient has been deeply studied by chef Alex Atala and is amazing chefs and food critics from several countries.